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Parametric inference in Markov branching processes with time-dependent random immigration rate

  • Helmut Pruscha (a1)


The present paper deals with continuous-time Markov branching processes allowing immigration. The immigration rate is allowed to be random and time-dependent where randomness may stem from an external source or from state-dependence. Unlike the traditional approach, we base the analysis of these processes on the theory of multivariate point processes. Using the tools of this theory, asymptotic results on parametric inference are derived for the subcritical case. In particular, the limit distributions of some parametric estimators and of Pearson-type statistics for testing simple and composite hypotheses are established.


Corresponding author

Postal address: University of Munich, Institute of Mathematics, Theresienstr. 39, D-8000 München, West Germany.


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Parametric inference in Markov branching processes with time-dependent random immigration rate

  • Helmut Pruscha (a1)


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