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A note on the background of several Bonferroni–Galambos-type inequalities

  • Tamás F. Móri (a1) and Gábor J. Székely (a1)


Let A 1, A 2, · ··, An be events on a probability space. Denote by Sk the kth binomial moment of the number M n of those A 's which occur. Sharp lower and upper bounds of Sm will be given in terms of Sk and Sl. The same method can be applied for proving Bonferroni–Galambos-type inequalities.


Corresponding author

Postal address: L. Eötvös University, Mathematical Institute, Budapest, Múzeum krt. 6–8, H-1088, Hungary.


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A note on the background of several Bonferroni–Galambos-type inequalities

  • Tamás F. Móri (a1) and Gábor J. Székely (a1)


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