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Cost comparison of a spectrum of self-organizing rules

  • K. S. Chong (a1) and K. Lam (a1)


Consider the following self-organizing rule called POS(i): after a book in the jth position of a shelf is borrowed, it is moved up one position if j i, and is moved to the ith position if j > i. This is a family of move-forward rules, with POS(l) being the move-to-front rule and POS(n − 1) being the transposition rule where n is the number of books to be organized. We derive explicitly the stationary distribution under the POS(i) rule and show that its search cost compares favorably with that of move-to-front rule under any book access probabilities p 1, p 1, ···, pn .


Corresponding author

Postal address: Statistics Department, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.


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The research of K. Lam is partially supported by a research grant from the University of Hong Kong.



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MSC classification

Cost comparison of a spectrum of self-organizing rules

  • K. S. Chong (a1) and K. Lam (a1)


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