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Statistical Analysis

The journal is keen to provide assistance to authors by identifying papers and editorials which provide useful information on correct statistical analysis, experimental design and correct use of units. The Editorial; "Digestibility and degradability in animal nutrition studies" by Wiseman (2018) provides recommendations on how to define digestibility and metabolisability in animal studies, a subject that is regularly incorrectly reported in submitted papers. 

As far as statistical analysis and experimental design are concerned, a very helpful text is provided in the Instructions for Contributors section.

The paper "Effects of dietary supplementation of guanidino acetic acid on growth performance, thigh meat quality and development of small intestine in Partridge-Shank broilers"  by Ren et al. (2018) describes the correct means of analysing incremental increases in a factor, for example concentration of a nutrient. Incremental increases in a factor need to be analysed through a POLYANOVA model that partitions variance into linear and non-linear contrasts. Individual treatments cannot be compared and thus superscripts are not valid; rather it is the overall response that is important. Similarly time is not a normal variable and cannot be included in a simple factorial model.

The additional papers accessible on this page provide further important guidelines for statistical analysis and experimental design.

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