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Slaughter traits of adult coypus grown in captivity

  • C. FAVERIN (a1), P. M. CORVA (a1) and F. A. HOZBOR (a2)


The objective of the current study was to undertake a preliminary characterization of liveweight components in adult coypus at slaughter. Greenland (14 females, 7 males) and Silver (78 females, 36 males) breeds were grown on a farm south-east of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The animals were slaughtered aged 419±22 days. Liveweight at slaughter was measured and the weights of hot carcass, fur, head, liver, lungs plus heart, digestive tract (with contents) plus reproductive organs and fur length were recorded. The weights of these body components were also expressed as proportion of liveweight, except for the fur length. Data were analysed and the effects of sex, variety, reproductive state within sex and rearing management within sex were included in the model. The age of the animals at the time of slaughter was used as covariate. Breeds differed only in liver weight (P<0·05), where Greenland was 15·9% heavier than Silver; however when comparisons were made as proportion of liveweight, no differences between breeds were found in the variables analysed. Sexual dimorphism was evident in almost all of the characteristics analysed, values for males being higher than for females. Males were 29% heavier at slaughter than females and their carcasses 31·7% heavier. When body components were expressed as proportion of liveweight, male heads were heavier but fur was lighter compared to females. In conclusion, there were differences in body components due to sex but not due to breed. However, most body components when expressed as proportion of liveweight showed no significant differences.


Corresponding author

To whom all correspondence should be addressed. Unidad Integrada FCA-INTA Balcarce, Departamento de Produción Animal, cc: 276. 7620, Balcarce, Argentina. Email:


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