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Quantitative trait loci mapping for plant architecture traits across two upland cotton populations using SSR markers

  • C. LI (a1), L. SONG (a2), H. ZHAO (a1), Z. XIA (a3), Z. JIA (a3), X. WANG (a3), N. DONG (a1) and Q. WANG (a1)...


Cotton plant architecture is an important agronomic trait affecting yield and quality. In the present study, two F2:3 upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) populations were developed from Baimian2/TM-1 and Baimian2/CIR12 to map quantitative trait loci (QTL) for cotton plant architecture traits using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. A total of 73 QTL (37 significant and 36 suggestive) affecting plant architecture traits were detected in both populations. Four common QTL, qTFN-17 for total fruit nodes, qFBN-17 for fruit branch nodes, qFBL-17 for fruit branch length and qTFB-17a/qTFB-17b (qTFB-17) for total fruit branches, were found across the two populations. These common QTL should have high reliability and could be used for marker-assisted selection (MAS) to facilitate cotton plant architecture. The two common QTL, qTFN-17 and qFBL-17, were especially significant in both populations, and moreover, they explained >0·100 of the phenotypic variation in at least one population. These two QTL should be considered preferentially for MAS. The synergistic alleles and the negative alleles could be utilized in cotton plant architecture breeding programmes according to specific breeding objectives.


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Quantitative trait loci mapping for plant architecture traits across two upland cotton populations using SSR markers

  • C. LI (a1), L. SONG (a2), H. ZHAO (a1), Z. XIA (a3), Z. JIA (a3), X. WANG (a3), N. DONG (a1) and Q. WANG (a1)...


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