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The nutritive value for ruminants of a complete processed diet based on barley straw

  • F. W. Wainman (a1), K. L. Blaxter (a1) and J. D. Pullar (a1)


Calorimetric experiments were made with a complete extruded diet for ruminants, ‘Ruminant Diet A’ prepared by Messrs U.K. Compound Feeds Ltd. Twelve determinations of energy and nitrogen retention were made using sheep and it was found that the diet had a metabolizable energy value of 2–32 kcal/g organic matter, and the net availabilities of its metabolizable energy were 42–7 % for fattening and 68–0 % for maintenance. These values agreed well with those predicted from equations published by the Agricultural Research Council. On a dry basis the starch equivalent was 38–3 %.



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