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Lodging studies in Lolium perenne grown for seed: 3. Chemical control of lodging

  • D. Wright (a1) and P. D. Hebblethwaith (a1)


Three field experiments at the University of Nottingham, in 1976, 1977 and 1978, examined whether a growth retardant chemical, ancymidol, could be used to restrict stem extension, delay the onset of lodging and thereby increase the seed yield of S. 24 perennial ryegrass. Applications of ancymidol increased seed yield by up to 60% by increasing number of seeds per unit area, although this was associated with a delay in the onset of lodging in 1977 and 1978 only. Application of ancymidol increased the percentage of the total above-ground crop dry matter harvested as seed, but it was not possible to relate this to the growth of the crop between anthesis and harvest.



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Lodging studies in Lolium perenne grown for seed: 3. Chemical control of lodging

  • D. Wright (a1) and P. D. Hebblethwaith (a1)


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