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Jaws of adult culled ewes

  • Carol Richardson (a1), M. Richards (a1), S. Terlecki (a1) and W. M. Miller (a1)


The jaws of 481 adult culled ewes were examined visually and radiographically for dental abnormality and changes in skeletal structure; the findings were correlated with ante-mortem body condition score and breed. Only two ewes had normal buccal morphology; the remainder of the sample showed a range of abnormalities which included loose and missing teeth, gingival hypertrophy, food-filled gingival pockets, ridging and shearing of the occlusal surfaces. There was a general loss of bone structure. Dental abnormality was not strongly correlated with breed but showed a significant relationship with radiographic assessment of bone density. Body condition did not appear to be adversely affected by dental disease. Skull dimensions and dental pad position were strongly associated with breed. The state of the incisor teeth alone was a poor indicator of cheek tooth condition.



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Jaws of adult culled ewes

  • Carol Richardson (a1), M. Richards (a1), S. Terlecki (a1) and W. M. Miller (a1)


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