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Interpreting genotype×environment interaction in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

  • H. LAURENTIN (a1), D. MONTILLA (a1) and V. GARCIA (a1)


An understanding of genotype by environment (G×E) interaction would be useful for establishing breeding objectives, identifying the best test conditions, and finding areas of optimal cultivar adaptation. Data from field assays including eight environments and eight elite lines were analysed to identify environmental and genotypic variables related with G×E interaction for yield in sesame multi-environment trials in Venezuela. Both predictable and unpredictable environmental variables were recorded. Yield components were recorded as genotypic variables. Yield and yield components were used to perform additive main effect and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) analysis. Significant differences (P<0·01) for G×E interaction were observed for all variables examined, except for the number of branches per plant. For yield, 0·28 of the total sum of squares corresponded to G×E interaction. Using environmental and genotypic data, correlation analysis was carried out between genotypic and environmental scores of the first interaction principal component axis (IPCA 1) for all variables examined. Significant correlations (P<0·05) were observed between IPCA 1 for yield and content of sand and silt in soil. No significant correlation was found between IPCA 1 score for yield and genotypic variables. These results indicate that edaphic properties at the trial locations play an important role in yield G×E interaction in Venezuelan sesame. These results should help select test sites for sesame in Venezuela to minimize G×E interaction and make selection of superior genotypes easier. Two strategies can be recommended: multi-environment trials at sites with average, not extreme, sand and silt content, or stratification of sites according to sand and silt content.


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