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Influence of management type and stage of lactation on the performance and milk fatty acid profile of dairy camels (Camelus dromedaries)

  • Moez Ayadi (a1) (a2), Mohamed Hammadi (a3), Ramon Casals (a4), Moufida Atigui (a3), Touhami Khorchani (a3), Emad M. Samara (a1), Khalid A. Abdoun (a1), Ahmed A. Al-Haidary (a1) and Gerardo Caja (a4)...


The current research paper addresses the hypothesis that management system (grazing vs. stabling) and/or stage of lactation (early- to late-lactation) can influence the lactation performance and milk fatty acid (MFA) profile in dromedary camels. The results obtained revealed that milk and protein yields of stabled camels were higher, while milk fat content was lower compared to grazing camels. In addition, stabled camels produced milk richer in short- and medium-chains fatty acids but lower in long-chain fatty acids and fatty acids linked with possible health benefits such as oleic acid, vaccenic acid (VA) and rumenic acid (RA), when compared to grazing camels. Moreover, atherogenicity index was higher, while overall Δ9-desaturase and health-promoting indices were lower in stabled camels. In a similar way, results demonstrated an increase in milk fat and protein contents as lactation advanced. In fact, camels at mid-lactation produced milk richer in short- and medium-chain fatty acids as well as total saturated fatty acids but poorer in oleic acid, VA, RA, long-chain fatty acids and total unsaturated fatty acids, when compared to milk samples collected at early stage of lactation. Moreover, compared to early- and late-lactations, atherogenicity index was higher while overall-Δ9-desaturase and health promoting indexes were lower at mid-lactation. In conclusion, the intensive stabling system and mid-lactation stage can alter lactation performance and MFA profile in dairy dromedary camels.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: M. Ayadi and E. M. Samara, E-mail:


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Influence of management type and stage of lactation on the performance and milk fatty acid profile of dairy camels (Camelus dromedaries)

  • Moez Ayadi (a1) (a2), Mohamed Hammadi (a3), Ramon Casals (a4), Moufida Atigui (a3), Touhami Khorchani (a3), Emad M. Samara (a1), Khalid A. Abdoun (a1), Ahmed A. Al-Haidary (a1) and Gerardo Caja (a4)...


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