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Improvement of carrot crop establishment by combining seed treatments with increased seed-bed moisture availability

  • W. E. Finch-Savage (a1) and W. G. Pill (a1)


In studies of carrots sown on three dates at Wellesbourne in 1986, mean time to seedling emergence and spread of times to seedling emergence of untreated and fluid-drilled seeds increased as seed-bed moisture at sowing decreased. These differences were not observed with irrigation before sowing.

Osmotic priming increased the percentage of seeds with emerged radicles at the time of fluid drilling from 17% in the untreated control to 56%. Irrespective of seed-bed moisture, time to emergence was shorter from primed germinating seeds than from germinating seeds, both treatments giving earlier seedling emergence than untreated seeds. Seedling shoot weight was greater from treated than from untreated seeds.

Seed-bed characteristics on unirrigated plots had no effect on seedling emergence when soil moisture was adequate but, where soil moisture was limiting, rolling the seed bed to increase capillarity resulted in 79% emergence compared with the 67% average from seed beds that were not rolled. Application of a soil conditioner to stabilize the seed-bed surface structure generally improved emergence when rain fell soon after sowing. The results suggested that a combination of seed-bed and seed treatments can significantly improve the predictability of crop establishment of carrots on different dates.



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Improvement of carrot crop establishment by combining seed treatments with increased seed-bed moisture availability

  • W. E. Finch-Savage (a1) and W. G. Pill (a1)


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