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Growth of cross-bred Dorset Horn lambs from East African Blackheaded Sheep

  • J. C. M. Trail (a1) and G. D. Sacker (a1)


The growth of ½ ⅝, and ¾ bred Dorset Horn lambs was examined in Western Uganda. These were produced by mating Dorset Horn rams with East African Blackheaded, ¼ bred Dorset and 1/2 bred Dorset females respectively.

The influence of type of birth (single or twin) was maximum at the end of the main 2-month suckling period and progressively decreased to 11 months of age. The influence of maternal age did not decline as lambs grew older. Dorset ewes, ¼ and ½-bred, had superior milking capabilities, as measured by lamb growth at 2 months of age, to indigenous ewes. Lambs, ⅝ and ¾-bred, were 26 % heavier than ½-bred lambs at 2 months of age, and as all three types grew at the same rate from 2 to 11 months, ⅝- and ¾-bred lambs retained this initial advantage.



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Growth of cross-bred Dorset Horn lambs from East African Blackheaded Sheep

  • J. C. M. Trail (a1) and G. D. Sacker (a1)


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