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Genetic dissection of flour whiteness by unconditional and conditional quantitative trait locus mapping in wheat

  • Z. Y. DENG (a1), W. J. LI (a1), F. CHEN (a1), W. Q. FANG (a1), G. F. CHEN (a2), C. L. SUN (a1), Y. X. ZHANG (a1), S. Y. WANG (a1) and J. C. TIAN (a1)...


Flour whiteness (FW) is an important factor in assessing flour quality and determining the end product quality. It is an integrated sensory indicator reflecting flour colour and is negatively correlated with protein content. In order to dissect the genetic relationship between FW and its five related traits at the quantitative trait locus (QTL)/gene level, a recombinant inbred line population was evaluated under three environments. Quantitative trait loci for FW were analysed by unconditional and conditional QTL mapping. Four unconditional additive QTLs and 16 conditional additive QTLs were detected across the three environments. Of these QTLs, only one major additive QTL (Qfw1D1-1) was consistently identified using both unconditional and conditional QTL analysis. This QTL was independent of flour colour a* (a function of red-green with a positive a* for redness and negative for greenness) and b* (a green-blue value with positive value for yellowness and negative for blueness) and was only slightly affected by flour protein content. A minor additive QTL (Qfw4A-4) was also detected using these two QTL mapping methods, being independent of flour colour a* and b*. Five unconditional and ten conditional epistatic minor QTLs were detected, from which only one pair (Qfw3A-10/Qfw6B-6) was identified by both unconditional and conditional QTL mapping, also independent of flour colour a* and b*. The major QTL (Qfw1D1-1) identified in the current study for the first time can be used for improving wheat FW in marker-assisted breeding.


Corresponding author

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Genetic dissection of flour whiteness by unconditional and conditional quantitative trait locus mapping in wheat

  • Z. Y. DENG (a1), W. J. LI (a1), F. CHEN (a1), W. Q. FANG (a1), G. F. CHEN (a2), C. L. SUN (a1), Y. X. ZHANG (a1), S. Y. WANG (a1) and J. C. TIAN (a1)...


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