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Factors affecting yield and quality in irrigated wheat

  • J. S. Barber (a1) and R. S. Jessop (a1)


Two field experiments examined the effects of nitrogen fertilizer, irrigation frequency and three wheat varieties on the yield and quality of irrigated wheat on a heavy clay soil. In the first experiment, with irrigation supplied to all plots at mid-tillering and close to ear emergence, there were negative effects of nitrogen fertilizer on grain yield with the reverse occurring with grain protein. The variety Songlen had one of the highest grain yields combined with higher milling yields and flour protein. In the second experiment, yield was maximized with at least two irrigations, whilst increasing irrigation frequency reduced flour protein and dough development time. While WW15 gave the highest yields irrespective of nitrogen or irrigation treatments, this variety had the lowest flour protein. With only one irrigation or without irrigation, nitrogen fertilizer increased grain protein; more frequent irrigation reduced mean flour protein.



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