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Effects of xylanase on the fermentation profile and chemical composition of sugarcane silage

  • T. A. Del Valle (a1) (a2), G. Antonio (a1), T. F. Zenatti (a1), M. Campana (a1), E. M. C. Zilio (a2), L. G. Ghizzi (a2), J. R. Gandra (a3), J. A. C. Osório (a4) and J. P. G. de Morais (a1)...


The current study aims to evaluate the effects of increasing levels of xylanase enzyme (XYL) on sugarcane silage fermentation, fermentative losses, chemical composition, dry matter (DM), neutral detergent fibre (NDF) degradation and aerobic stability. A completely randomized design trial was performed with five treatments and 50 experimental silos. Treatments were: 0, 100, 200, 300 and 400 mg of XYL per kg of DM. XYL contained 10 000 U/g. There was a quadratic effect of XYL on silage pH and acetic acid concentration: lower pH and higher acetic acid concentrations were found at intermediary levels of the enzyme. XYL decreased lactic acid concentration linearly. Furthermore, the enzyme had a quadratic effect on effluent and total losses, with higher losses at intermediary XYL levels. There was a quadratic effect of XYL on organic matter (OM), non-fibre carbohydrates (NFC) and crude protein (CP) content. In addition, a quadratic effect of XYL was observed on NDF content and degradation. Intermediary levels of XYL showed higher concentration of OM and NFC. The addition of XYL had no effect on silage temperature and pH after aerobic exposure. Thus, intermediate levels of XYL increased acetic acid and decreased silage pH. Besides positive effects on silage composition, intermediary XYL levels decreased NDF degradation.


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Effects of xylanase on the fermentation profile and chemical composition of sugarcane silage

  • T. A. Del Valle (a1) (a2), G. Antonio (a1), T. F. Zenatti (a1), M. Campana (a1), E. M. C. Zilio (a2), L. G. Ghizzi (a2), J. R. Gandra (a3), J. A. C. Osório (a4) and J. P. G. de Morais (a1)...


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