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Effects of tributyrin supplementation on short-chain fatty acid concentration, fibrolytic enzyme activity, nutrient digestibility and methanogenesis in adult Small Tail ewes

  • Q. C. Ren (a1), J. J. Xuan (a1), Z. Z. Hu (a1), L. K. Wang (a1), Q. W. Zhan (a1), S. F. Dai (a1), S. H. Li (a1), H. J. Yang (a2), W. Zhang (a2) and L. S. Jiang (a3)...


In vivo and in vitro trials were conducted to assess the effects of tributyrin (TB) supplementation on short-chain fatty acid (SFCA) concentrations, fibrolytic enzyme activity, nutrient digestibility and methanogenesis in adult sheep. Nine 12-month-old ruminally cannulated Small Tail ewes (initial body weight 55 ± 5.0 kg) without pregnancy were used for the in vitro trial. In vitro substrate made to offer TB at 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 g/kg on a dry matter (DM) basis was incubated by ruminal microbes for 72 h at 39°C. Forty-five adult Small Tail ewes used for the in vivo trial were randomly assigned to five treatments with nine animals each for an 18-d period according to body weight (55 ± 5.0 kg). Total mixed ration fed to ewes was also used to offer TB at 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 g/kg on a DM basis. The in vitro trial showed that TB supplementation linearly increased apparent digestibility of DM, crude protein, neutral detergent fibre and acid detergent fibre, and enhanced gas production and methane emissions. The in vivo trial showed that TB supplementation decreased DM intake, but enhanced ruminal fermentation efficiency. Both in vitro and in vivo trials showed that TB supplementation enhanced total SFCA concentrations and carboxymethyl cellulase activity. The results indicate that TB supplementation might exert advantage effects on rumen microbial metabolism, despite having an enhancing effect on methanogenesis.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: L. K. Wang, E-mail: and W. Zhang, E-mail:


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Effects of tributyrin supplementation on short-chain fatty acid concentration, fibrolytic enzyme activity, nutrient digestibility and methanogenesis in adult Small Tail ewes

  • Q. C. Ren (a1), J. J. Xuan (a1), Z. Z. Hu (a1), L. K. Wang (a1), Q. W. Zhan (a1), S. F. Dai (a1), S. H. Li (a1), H. J. Yang (a2), W. Zhang (a2) and L. S. Jiang (a3)...


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