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Effects of nitrogen application and supplemental irrigation on canopy temperature and photosynthetic characteristics in winter wheat

  • D. Q. Yang (a1), W. H. Dong (a1), Y. L. Luo (a1) (a2), W. T. Song (a1), T. Cai (a3), Y. Li (a1), Y. P. Yin (a1) and Z. L. Wang (a1)...


Nitrogen (N) application and irrigation to winter wheat may decrease leaf temperature and enhance photosynthesis: as a result, more photosynthates will be allocated to the grains, resulting in higher grain yields. To investigate this hypothesis, a 2-year field study was conducted with three levels of N fertilizer application (no fertilizer, N0; 240 kg N/ha, N1; 360 kg N/ha, N2) and two different water regimes (rainfed with no irrigation, R; irrigation at the over-wintering, stem elongation and grain filling stages, W). The results show that both N application and supplemental irrigation significantly increased grain yield with increases in both grain number/m2 and the 1000-grain weight, viz., WN2>WN1>WN0>RN2>RN1>RN0. In addition, application of N under both water regimes significantly increased flag leaf area, above-ground biomass and single stem productivity and decreased leaf temperature, which led to an increase in net photosynthesis rates and ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP) carboxylase activity. Moreover, analysis of the chlorophyll α fluorescence transient showed that N fertilizer application and supplemental irrigation significantly increased electron donor and acceptor performance of the photosystem II reaction centre.


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Effects of nitrogen application and supplemental irrigation on canopy temperature and photosynthetic characteristics in winter wheat

  • D. Q. Yang (a1), W. H. Dong (a1), Y. L. Luo (a1) (a2), W. T. Song (a1), T. Cai (a3), Y. Li (a1), Y. P. Yin (a1) and Z. L. Wang (a1)...


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