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Effects of adding plant nutrients to the gel carrier used for fluid drilling early carrots

  • W. E. Finch-Savage (a1) and C. J. Cox (a1)


Phosphates and nitrate were added to the gel used for fluid drilling without affecting its properties as a seed carrier. The addition of monosodium phosphate promoted early seedling growth but at concentrations higher than 30 g/1 it became phytotoxic. Nitrate added to the gel reduced plant growth and decreased the number of seedlings emerging. Ammonium phosphate was found to be an effective addition to the gel and could be used in the form of a proprietary liquid ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer. The earlier emergence of fluid-drilled germinating seeds and the enhanced growth brought about by phosphate addition to the gel increased plant size compared with that of the dryseeded controls. The results are discussed in relation to the early production of marketable-size carrots.



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Effects of adding plant nutrients to the gel carrier used for fluid drilling early carrots

  • W. E. Finch-Savage (a1) and C. J. Cox (a1)


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