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Effect of water deprivation on urinary concentrations of creatinine and nitrogen in sheep

  • T. More (a1)


It has been reported that water deprivation reduces feed intake in Chokla sheep (Singh, More & Sahni, 1976; More & Sahni, 1978). Consequently, sheep production in terms of body weight, milk and lambs is also adversely affected (More & Sahni, 1980). However, no information is available on the metabolic aspects, particularly on urinary nitrogen and creatinine changes due to long-term intermittent watering. Creatinine is also used as a reference substance for evaluating urinary excretion rates of minerals (Field, 1964) and nitrogen (Powell, Plough & Baker, 1961) to avoid more laborious and time-consuming procedures, which also disturb animal behaviour and production (Langlands, 1966). The present paper attempts to examine the urinary concentration of total nitrogen, creatinine and their ratios; the ratios of potassium to creatinine and nitrogen are also considered.



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Effect of water deprivation on urinary concentrations of creatinine and nitrogen in sheep

  • T. More (a1)


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