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Association analysis of SSTR2 copy number variation with cattle stature and its expression analysis in Chinese beef cattle

  • J. Cheng (a1), R. Jiang (a1), X. K. Cao (a1), M. Liu (a1), Y. Z. Huang (a1), X. Y. Lan (a1), H. Cao (a2), C. Z. Lei (a1) and H. Chen (a1)...


Copy number variations (CNVs), as an important source of genetic variation, can affect a wide range of phenotypes by diverse mechanisms. The somatostatin receptor 2 (SSTR2) gene plays important roles in cell proliferation and apoptosis. Recently, this gene was mapped to a CNV region, which encompasses quantitative trait loci of cattle economic traits including body weight, marbling score, etc. Therefore, SSTR2 CNV may exhibit phenotypic effects on cattle growth traits. In the current study, distribution of SSTR2 gene CNVs was investigated in six Chinese cattle breeds (XN, QC, NY, JA, LX and PN), and the results showed higher CNV polymorphisms in XN, QC and NY cattle. Next, association analysis between growth traits and SSTR2 CNV was performed for XN, QC and NY cattle. In NY, individuals with fewer copies showed better performance than those with more copies. Further, the effects of SSTR2 CNV on the SSTR2 mRNA level were also investigated, but revealed no significant correlation in either muscle or adipose tissue of adult NY cattle. The results suggested the potential for use of SSTR2 CNV as a marker for the molecular breeding of NY cattle.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: H. Chen, E-mail:


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Association analysis of SSTR2 copy number variation with cattle stature and its expression analysis in Chinese beef cattle

  • J. Cheng (a1), R. Jiang (a1), X. K. Cao (a1), M. Liu (a1), Y. Z. Huang (a1), X. Y. Lan (a1), H. Cao (a2), C. Z. Lei (a1) and H. Chen (a1)...


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