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Amylolytic activity and chemical composition of rehydrated ground maize ensiled with α-amylase or glucoamylase

  • J. R. Gandra (a1), E. R. Oliveira (a1), C. S. Takiya (a2), T. A. Del Valle (a3), F. P. Rennó (a4), R. H. T. B. Goes (a1), R. S. R. Leite (a5), N. F. L. Garcia (a4), J. D. O. Batista (a1), A. P. Acosta (a1), J. Damiani (a1), E. R. S. Gandra (a6) and A. Z. Escobar (a1)...


A completely randomized experiment was designed to evaluate the effects of α-amylase (AMY) and glucoamylase (GLU) on total losses, fermentative profile, chemical composition and amylolytic activity of rehydrated maize. Eighty-four experimental silos of rehydrated maize [0.33 litres/kg ground maize, 4-mm theoretical particle size, and 625 g/kg dry matter (DM)] were assigned to the following treatments: (1) control (CON), no enzyme addition; (2) GLU added at 300 µl/kg of ground maize (as-fed); and (3) AMY added at 300 µl/kg of ground maize. Seven silos from each treatment were opened after 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. Differences among treatments were evaluated through orthogonal contrasts (CON v. enzymes, and AMY v. GLU). Time effects were decomposed using polynomial regression. Glucoamylase silage exhibited greater total losses than AMY. Enzymes increased acetate and lactic acid concentrations and decreased ethanol concentration. Regardless of treatment, gas, effluent and total fermentative losses linearly increased, whereas DM recovery linearly decreased with higher storage length. Glucoamylase silage had lower ammonia nitrogen and higher lactic acid concentrations than AMY. Enzyme treatments decreased silage neutral detergent fibre content and increased in vitro DM degradation. Glucoamylase silage exhibited a more moderate starch content and greater in vitro DM degradation than AMY. Storage time linearly decreased DM, starch and fibre content of rehydrated maize. In vitro degradation of DM linearly increased as the storage length increased. This study showed evidence that enzymes with amylolytic activity, particularly GLU, improve the fermentative profile and DM degradation of rehydrated maize silage.


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Amylolytic activity and chemical composition of rehydrated ground maize ensiled with α-amylase or glucoamylase

  • J. R. Gandra (a1), E. R. Oliveira (a1), C. S. Takiya (a2), T. A. Del Valle (a3), F. P. Rennó (a4), R. H. T. B. Goes (a1), R. S. R. Leite (a5), N. F. L. Garcia (a4), J. D. O. Batista (a1), A. P. Acosta (a1), J. Damiani (a1), E. R. S. Gandra (a6) and A. Z. Escobar (a1)...


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