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Price Determination in the U.S. Shrimp Market

  • Charles M. Adams (a1), Fred J. Prochaska (a1) and Thomas H. Spreen (a1)


The monthly and quarterly price determination processes for 31–40 and 21–25 size classes of raw-headless shrimp were examined to determine price leadership between market levels. Causal relationships were assessed using Haugh-Pierce, Sims, and Granger methods. Price models at the retail, wholesale, and exvessel market levels were estimated. Economic factors analyzed were income, prices of competing products, landings and imports of raw headless shrimp, total retail supply, beginning stocks, and marketing costs.

Monthly prices generally exhibited unidirectional causality from exvessel to retail price. Quarterly prices were determined interdependently among market levels. Price responses between market levels were found to be symmetric with beginning stocks, landings, and imports of own-size shrimp the most important determinants of price.



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Price Determination in the U.S. Shrimp Market

  • Charles M. Adams (a1), Fred J. Prochaska (a1) and Thomas H. Spreen (a1)


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