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Optimal Irrigation Pivot Location on Irregularly Shaped Fields

  • L. Upton Hatch (a1), William E. Hardy (a1), Eugene W. Rochester (a2) and Gregory C. Johnson (a2)


Although annual rainfall in the Southeast is adequate, its distribution is a potential constraint to agricultural production. Farmers require production information concerning efficient use of irrigation technology adapted to regional growing conditions. Selection of optimal position, size, and number of pivots in center pivot irrigation systems poses special problems on small, irregularly shaped fields. In the southeastern United States, field size and shape are often varied and irregular. A mixed integer programming model was constructed to assist in irrigation investment decisions. The model is illustrated using irrigated peanut production in southeast Alabama. Results indicate the importance of economic engineering considerations.



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Optimal Irrigation Pivot Location on Irregularly Shaped Fields

  • L. Upton Hatch (a1), William E. Hardy (a1), Eugene W. Rochester (a2) and Gregory C. Johnson (a2)


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