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Noncompetitive Pricing and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Selected U.S. and Thai Rice Markets

  • K. K. Yumkella (a1), L. J. Unnevehr (a2) and P. Garcia (a3)


A “pricing to market” international trade model is applied to U.S. and Thai rice exports to high and middle income countries that are continuous rice importers. These markets are characterized by strong quality preferences and highly inelastic demand, and thus exporters may exercise market power. Evidence of noncompetitive pricing either through price discrimination across destinations or through imperfect exchange rate pass-through is found in this small but growing segment of the international rice trade.



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Noncompetitive Pricing and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Selected U.S. and Thai Rice Markets

  • K. K. Yumkella (a1), L. J. Unnevehr (a2) and P. Garcia (a3)


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