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Landlord Satisfaction with Arkansas Agricultural Land Agreements

  • Ronald L. Rainey (a1), Bruce L. Dixon (a2), Lucas D. Parschy (a2), Bruce L. Ahrendsen (a2) and Ralph W. Bierlen (a3)...


Landlord satisfaction levels with agricultural land-leasing agreements are examined with a 1998 sample of Arkansas landowners. Ordered probit models are estimated identifying which factors significantly affect satisfaction levels. Results indicate that the type of lease is not a significant determinant of landlord satisfaction levels. Proportion of landlord's income from leasing, tenant educational background, social capital variables, presence of irrigation equipment, and perceptions about the FAIR Act were found to significantly affect lease satisfaction in at least one of the three satisfaction models estimated. A comparison with an earlier study of Arkansas tenants indicates landlords have generally higher satisfaction levels.



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Landlord Satisfaction with Arkansas Agricultural Land Agreements

  • Ronald L. Rainey (a1), Bruce L. Dixon (a2), Lucas D. Parschy (a2), Bruce L. Ahrendsen (a2) and Ralph W. Bierlen (a3)...


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