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Implications of Integrated Commodity Programs and Crop Insurance

  • Keith H. Coble (a1) and Barry J. Barnett (a1)


Moving from price-triggered to area revenue–triggered programs was perhaps the most common theme among 2007 farm bill proposals. Area revenue–triggered commodity programs may make farm-level revenue insurance products seem redundant, raising questions about why the federal government should continue both programs. Area revenue–triggered programs would remove much of the systemic risk faced by producers. As a result, private sector insurers may be able to insure the residual risk without federal involvement. This paper examines the effects of moving to area revenue–triggered commodity programs with a focus on public policy issues that would likely arise.



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Implications of Integrated Commodity Programs and Crop Insurance

  • Keith H. Coble (a1) and Barry J. Barnett (a1)


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