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Household Expenditure on Meat Versus Nonmeat Sources of Protein In the United States

  • Barbara J. Redman (a1)


In the last decade, vegetarianism has become more prevalent in the United States, although by no means dominant (Adrian and Daniel). Even households which have not become vegetarian have considered decreasing their consumption of meat. This trend has been due to several factors. First, meat is relatively more expensive than other sources of protein. Second, inflation has diminished consumer purchasing power. Third, recent health reports have focused on carcinogenic agents in meat and the dangers of too much cholesterol. Fourth, concern with ecology and world food supplies has increased. Meat is thought to be less efficient in feeding the masses than grains and other nonmeat protein sources.



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Household Expenditure on Meat Versus Nonmeat Sources of Protein In the United States

  • Barbara J. Redman (a1)


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