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Expanding the National Flood Insurance Program to Cover Coastal Erosion Damage

  • Andrew Keeler (a1), Warren Kriesel (a1) and Craig Landry (a2)


This paper uses the results of a nationwide survey of coastal property owners to estimate the demand for insurance against erosion damage. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) does not technically cover such damage, although in practice there is considerable uncertainty about this point. The ability to insure against such losses has implications for the choice of beach management strategies and for NFIP management. We find significant demand for insurance at prices in the range of current flood insurance premiums, although median willingness to pay appears to be less than the cost of providing such insurance.



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Expanding the National Flood Insurance Program to Cover Coastal Erosion Damage

  • Andrew Keeler (a1), Warren Kriesel (a1) and Craig Landry (a2)


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