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Estimating the Economic Value of Specific Characteristics Associated with Angus Bulls Sold at Auction

  • Rodney Jones (a1), Tyler Turner (a1), Kevin C. Dhuyvetter (a1) and Thomas L. Marsh (a2)


The genetic traits of a purebred bull convey the reproductive and economic value to buyers. This study examines and compares the value of actual production weights (birth, weaning, and yearling weight), production expected progeny differences (EPDs) (birth, weaning, milk, and yearling), and ultrasound EPDs (carcass quality predictors) for purebred Angus bulls sold at auction. One EPD, birth weight, was valued by buyers more than its corresponding actual weight, though both actual weights and EPDs significantly impact price. Predictors of carcass quality were important in determining price. Finally, several individual animal factors and sale characteristics were significant in determining price.



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Estimating the Economic Value of Specific Characteristics Associated with Angus Bulls Sold at Auction

  • Rodney Jones (a1), Tyler Turner (a1), Kevin C. Dhuyvetter (a1) and Thomas L. Marsh (a2)


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