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The Determinants of Food Stamp Program Participation

  • J. E. Epperson (a1), C. L. Huang (a1), S. M. Fletcher (a1) and W. K. Scearce (a2)


The Food Stamp Act of 1964 (with subsequent amendments) charges the U.S. Department of Agriculture with extending the benefits of the program to all households willing and eligible to participate. This duty was reinforced by a federal court ruling in 1975 (Beckel and MacDonald; Bennett et al. vs. Butz et al.).

Because of the importance of the Food Stamp Program (FSP), numerous studies have been conducted to gauge its intended effectiveness. Areas of study have included nutritional benefits of the program, impact on food expenditures, identification of ways to improve the rate of program participation, and identification of socioeconomic characteristics that may be important indicators of participation or nonparticipation in the program (for example, see Davis and Neenan; Lane; Neenan and Davis 1977, 1978; Salathe; Scearce et al.; Smith and Rowe; West; USDA, 1976, 1978).



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The Determinants of Food Stamp Program Participation

  • J. E. Epperson (a1), C. L. Huang (a1), S. M. Fletcher (a1) and W. K. Scearce (a2)


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