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Editorial Transition Statement

Cambridge University Press is very pleased to announce the incoming Editors-in-Chief of the Japanese Journal of Political Science, Christina Davis (Harvard University) and Junko Kato (University of Tokyo) who will start a 5-year tenure in January 2019. Together with a group of leading scholars on the editorial board, Professors Kato and Davis will ensure the continuous success of JJPS in establishing itself amongst the top journals in political science. They share a commitment to pursue rigorous theoretical and empirical work in the discipline with openness to a diverse range of methodological approaches and all political science subfields. As the journal moves to online submission, the editors will strive to achieve fast turnaround in a double-blind review process. Articles can be submitted to Editorial Manager.

Executive Editors:

Christina Davis (Harvard University)
Junko Kato (The University of Tokyo)


Kentaro Fukumoto (Gakushuin University)
Benjamin E. Goldsmith (Australian National University)
Kazutaka Inamura (Waseda University)
Rieko Kage (The University of Tokyo)
Soo Yeon Kim (National University of Singapore)
Shuhei Kurizaki (Waseda University)
David Leheny (Waseda University)
Ko Maeda (University of North Texas)
Robert Pekkanen (University of Washington)
Taehee Whang (Yonsei University)
Joseph Wong (University of Toronto)

Book review editor

Yuko Kasuya (Keio University)

Managing editor:

Ms Tomoko Yamanojo-Childress

Associate editors

Barry Burden (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Fang-Yi Chiou (Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica)
Andrew Eggers (University of Oxford Nuffield College)
Daniela Giannetti (University of Bologna)
Yoichi Hizen (Kochi University of Technology)
Llewelyn Hughes (Australian National University)
Saori Katada (University of Southern California)
Ikeda Ken'ichi (Doshisha University)
Edmund Malesky (Duke University)
Tetsuya Matsubayashi (Osaka University)
Kuniaki Nemoto (Musashi University)
Yoshikuni Ono (Tohoku University)
Xun Pang (Tsinghua University)
Jong Hee Park (Seoul National University)
Daniel N. Posner (University of California, Los Angeles)
Kai Queck (University of Hong Kong)
Benjamin L. Read (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Frances Rosenbluth (Yale Univerisity)
Susumu Shikano (University of Konstanz)
Atsushi Tago (Waseda University)
Akio Takahara (University of Tokyo)
Yves Tiberghien (University of British Columbia)