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A Survey of Recent Italian Bibliography on Portuguese Expansion

  • Marco Spallanzani (a1)


The expansion of Portugal has never aroused as much interest in Italy as has the expansion of Spain. It is enough to mention the role of such charismatic figures of Italian origins like Christopher Columbus and the intensity of commercial relations between Italy and Spain to understand why Spain has dominated the Italian'view of the expansion of Europe. Nevertheless, some Italian scholars have worked on aspects of Portuguese expansion, and it is the purpose of this essay to review what has been done over the last fifteen years.



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1 Other subjects, which arc not marginal but which have been little studied, are, for example, the technology of navigation and the publication of maps and portolani preserved in Italian libraries. To a limited extent the former is discussed by Baldacci, O., ‘Tecnica nautica framedioevo ed età moderna’, in Atti del III Convegno Internazionale di Studi Colombiani (Genoa, Civico lstituto Colombiano, 1979) 6590; for the latter subject, see the uselul works ofFrabetti, P., ‘Carte nautichc italiane dal XIV al XVII secolo conservate in Emilia-Roinagna’, Archivie Biblioteche Pubbliche (Florence, Olschki, 1978), and ‘Saggio di una illustrazione del planislero portoghese detto “del Cantino” ’ inImago el Mensura Mundi, Atti del IX Congres so Internazionale di Storia della Cartogralia, Isliluto della Enciclopedia Italiana (Florence 1985)8188.

2 Bianchi, V., L'Europa e il Nuovo Mondo (Turin, Soc. Editoriale Internazionale, 1972);Ugolini, G., Spinle ed effetti delle grandi scoperte geografiche (Florence, Bulgarini, 1973);Surdich, F., Breve profilo di storia delle esplorazioni (Genoa, Bozzi, 1974);Bernardi, R., Cronaca delle esptorazioni e delle scoperte geografiche (Parma, Casanova, 1975); Surdich, F., Le grandi scoperte geografiche e la nascila del colonialismo (Florence, La Nuova Italia, 1975);Spallanzani, M., La scoperta dei Nuovi Mondi (Florence, Le Monnier, 1978).

A Survey of Recent Italian Bibliography on Portuguese Expansion

  • Marco Spallanzani (a1)


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