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Guido (Gad) Tedeschi at Eighty: A Tribute*

  • Izhak Englard


The sages held that part of a man's praise is told in his presence and all of it in his absence (BT Eruvin 18b). Even as Prof. Tedeschi sits before us in his valour – for so our sages have designated the age of four-score – I am well aware that he has no desire for eulogies and that he is a man who shuns honours. Indeed, only the entreaties of his students and friends moved him – with great difficulty – to participate in this festive meeting of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities. His valour is in his humility. This is the man and such has always been his chosen path. As I know him and respect him – and, I admit without shame, also love him – I shall, in deference to him, conduct myself in strictest accordance with the dictate of the sages and shall sing but the smallest part of his praises. Nevertheless, we owe it to ourselves to give an accounting of the work of this great jurist from whose well we have quaffed and who, as a rising spring, is as prolific today as in his youth.



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Address presented at a symposium of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in honour of Prof. G. Tedeschi, Jerusalem, June 18, 1987.



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* Address presented at a symposium of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in honour of Prof. G. Tedeschi, Jerusalem, June 18, 1987.

Guido (Gad) Tedeschi at Eighty: A Tribute*

  • Izhak Englard


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