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Trainee Author Mentoring Scheme

A Trainee Author Mentoring Scheme has been established by the Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine with the purpose of assisting trainees in preparing manuscripts for submission to the journal. Mentors provide guidance on how to improve the quality of manuscripts prior to the submission stage. Mentorship provided will vary according to the proposed manuscript and, for example, may include simple editing of the draft manuscript or more fundamental methodological advice.

Mentorship does not guarantee acceptance of your manuscript, which will ultimately go through the usual process of peer review following submission.

To be eligible for the Trainee Mentoring Scheme you need to be in psychiatry training and have at least a full provisional draft of your submission already prepared. If you are interested in applying for the Trainee Author Mentoring Scheme please contact Trainee Editor Dr Eric Roche ( who will liaise further with you and put you in contact with a mentor as appropriate.