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A pilot study of the effects of early intervention on clinical symptoms and social functioning in psychiatric emergencies

  • P Tyrer (a1), S Merson (a1), P Harrison-Read (a1), S Lynch (a1), P Birkett (a1) and S Onyett (a1)...


A pilot study of the effects of early intervention by a multidisciplinary community team in patients presenting as psychiatric emergencies to an inner London teaching hospital (St. Mary's) is described. Of 22 consecutive emergency referrals, 20 agreed to be formally assessed, 18 were successfully engaged and 16 had assessments of symptoms and social functioning assessed over a four week period. There was significant improvement in clinical symptoms but no important changes in social functioning. The discordance between improvement in social function and symptoms was unexpected and may reflect the unusual social circumstances of life in metropolitan London or be a consequence of the high proportion (55%) of patients seen with personality disorders.



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