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New Analyses of Old Babylonian Metalwork from Tell Sifr

  • P. R. S. Moorey, J. E. Curtis, D. R. Hook and M. J. Hughes


Both PRSM and JEC would like to put on record their respect for and gratitude to Lady Mallowan and Professor Wiseman, on the occasion of their 80th and 70th birthdays respectively, both of whom have not only made significant contributions to Mesopotamian studies but have also done so much to further the work of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq. Their services to the School, over many years and sometimes in difficult circumstances, have earned them a lasting place in the history of the School and ensured the best thanks of all those interested in its welfare.

When the hoard of tools excavated by Loftus at Tell Sifr in Iraq, in 1854, was reassembled for publication some years ago (Moorey, 1971), a number of items mentioned by Loftus (1857, 268) could not be traced in the British Museum reserve collections nor was it then possible to arrange for the analysis of selected objects. In the intervening years the missing items have been located. The parts of two sheet-metal cauldrons (Figs. 1–3), with cast handle fittings, have now been identified whereas in 1970 only a single fragment was located (Moorey, 1971, no. 83). The “copper ingot” reported by Loftus has now also been traced (Fig. 4), as have a copper or bronze ferrule (Fig. 5) and the “dice-box” (Fig. 6). It has been possible to increase the significance of this still unique find by some investigation of the metals and alloys from which it was made (Table 1). The following notes are supplementary in every way to the original paper, whose substance is not repeated here. The numbering of objects in the previous paper is retained.



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New Analyses of Old Babylonian Metalwork from Tell Sifr

  • P. R. S. Moorey, J. E. Curtis, D. R. Hook and M. J. Hughes


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