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More Drawings of Ashurbanipal Sculptures

  • J. E. Reade


The drawings discussed below, which show a number of sculptures, now mostly lost, from Ashurbanipal's palace at Niniveh, have for over a century been preserved in the collection of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Though until recently they were themselves also believed lost, their whereabouts was in fact recorded by Loftus in a footnote to page 180 of his Travels and Researches in Chaldæa and Susiana, and with the help of Miss Nielsen, the Society's assistant librarian, I had no difficulty in locating them. I am greatly indebted to the President and Council of the Royal Asiatic Society for permission to publish them here. I am also grateful to Dr. R. D. Barnett and the Trustees of the British Museum for allowing their photographs of the drawings to be used for the Plates, and to Mr. David Oates for some considerable assistance. It should be added that this article could not have been written without continual reference to The Stones of Assyria by Professor C. J. Gadd.



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