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Glaucoma may be a non-memory manifestation of Alzheimer's disease in older people

  • Shih-Wei Lai (a1) (a2), Cheng-Li Lin (a1) (a3) and Kuan-Fu Liao (a4) (a5) (a6)



The purpose of this paper was to examine whether glaucoma could be a non-memory manifestation of Alzheimer's disease in older people.


We conducted a population-based, retrospective, case-control study to analyze the database of the Taiwan National Health Insurance Program. There were 1,351 subjects ≥65 years old with newly diagnosed Alzheimer's disease as the cases, and 5,329 subjects without any type of dementias as the controls during 2000–2011. The odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) for the risk of Alzheimer's disease associated with glaucoma was estimated by the multivariable unconditional logistic regression model.


After controlling for confounders, the multivariable logistic regression model demonstrated that the adjusted OR of Alzheimer's disease was 1.50 in subjects with glaucoma (95% CI 1.19, 1.89), compared to subjects without glaucoma.


Older people with glaucoma are associated with 1.5-fold increased odds of Alzheimer's disease in Taiwan. Glaucoma may be a non-memory manifestation of Alzheimer's disease in older people. Further research is needed to confirm this issue.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: Kuan-Fu Liao, Department of Internal Medicine, Taichung Tzu Chi General Hospital, No.66, Sec. 1, Fongsing Road, Tanzi District, Taichung City, 427, Taiwan. Phone: +886-4-2205-2121; Fax: 886-4-2203-3986. Email:


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