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Legal Consequences of the Separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius in 1965 (I.C.J.)

  • Stephen Allen (a1)


In its Chagos Advisory Opinion, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) addressed two questions posed in a request from the UN General Assembly. First, had Mauritius's decolonization been completed when it gained independence in 1968, after the excision of the Chagos Archipelago? Second, what were the legal consequences flowing from the United Kingdom's continued administration of the Archipelago? It was thought that the Court might shy away from giving an Opinion in this case as, arguably, it concerned a bilateral sovereignty dispute that the United Kingdom had not agreed to have resolved by judicial decision. However, as it turned out, the Court delivered surprisingly robust responses to the questions posed. The Opinion—and the numerous Separate Opinions that accompanied it—offer a thorough re-evaluation of the customary international law (CIL) concerning the right to self-determination in cases of decolonization.



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2 GA Res. 71/292 (Jun. 22, 2017).

3 On May 22, 2019, the General Assembly adopted Resolution 73/295, which welcomed the Court's Advisory Opinion and demanded, inter alia, the United Kingdom's unconditional withdrawal from the Chagos Archipelago within six months. The voting record was 116-6-56.

4 Mauritius was listed as a Non-Self-Governing Territory in GA Res. 66(I) (Dec. 14, 1946). See UN Charter art. 73.

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8 In particular, Articles 2(3), 56(2), and 194(4) of UNCLOS. However, the MPA remains in force as a matter of U.K. law. See R (Bancoult No. 3) v. Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, U.K. Supreme Court (2018), 57 ILM 671 (2018).

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22 See the International Law Commission's Articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts (2001) (ARSIWA) [hereinafter ARSIWA], arts. 40 and 41(2). Judges Trindade and Robinson argued that the ICJ should have endorsed self-determination's peremptory nature.

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27 The United Kingdom's initial response to the Opinion has not been positive. See Statement by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, House of Commons (Feb. 26, 2019).


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