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Dan Cake (Portugal) S.A. v. Hungary (ICSID)

  • Catherina Valenzuela-Bock (a1)


In Dan Cake v. Hungary, an arbitral tribunal constituted under the auspices of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) issued a rare finding of denial of justice in its adjudication of the claims by Portuguese investor Dan Cake, alleging that the Hungarian court’s actions during the liquidation proceedings of its subsidiary were a violation of the fair and equitable treatment provision of the Hungary-Portugal Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT). The decision adds an example of the factual circumstances that lead to a finding of denial of justice and reaffirms the stringent requirements that need to be satisfied in order to succeed on such a claim.



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* This text was reproduced and reformatted from the text available at the International Centre For Settlement of Investment Disputes website (visited May 17, 2016),

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page 524 note 5Question : Have they [Dan Cake] told you that for them it was important that the assets weren’t sold?

Answer : Well, I do believe it was in the interest of any creditor supporting a composition agreement because Danesita would only then have been able to meet its undertakings vis-a`-vis the creditors, if the company continues its operation as a going concern.” (Amended Tr., Day 2, p. 148:10–17).

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page 524 note 8 Exh. CLA-002 attached to the Reply. Claimant notes, at footnote 23 of the Reply, that “the English version is a summary of the [sic] Hungary’s original prepared by Mr. Csongór Palotaás.” The accuracy of this version has not been challenged by the Respondent.

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page 524 note 14 [After checking the contents of MKB Bank’s letter of 20 March 2008 to Dr. Palotás, Exh. R-025 or C-020]: “On page 2, paragraphs 3 and 5 suggest, I believe, that until the signing of the tripartite agreement between Dan Cake, MKB and Danesita, we had to fine-tune the text. But the agreement could only enter into force once we receive the signed bank guarantee. I believe that this should have happened before the court approval of the competition (sic) agreement” (Amended Tr., Day 2, 140:12–18).

page 524 note 15 Dr. Ott’s cross-examination,: “Prior to the court’s approval we requested a surety in a notarised document and we requested a bank guarantee to be submitted to us, and in return we issued a conditional release of the mortgage in which we undertook responsibility and we stated that provided that the final approval of the composition agreement by the court and provided that all the bank guarantee and the surety documents are available, then MKB would have no other option but to issue the final release of the mortgage” (Amended Tr., Day 2, 122:12–21).

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* She earned her law degree at Heidelberg University and holds a J.D. from Boston College Law School.

Dan Cake (Portugal) S.A. v. Hungary (ICSID)

  • Catherina Valenzuela-Bock (a1)


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