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Growth-regulatory activity of Trichilia connaroides (syn. Heynea trijuga) leaf extracts against the Bihar hairy caterpillar Spilosoma obliqua (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

  • Shishir Tandon (a1), Ashutosh K. Mittal (a1) and A.K. Pant (a1)


Hexane and acetone extracts of Trichilia connaroides leaves were evaluated for their biological activity against the Bihar hairy caterpillar Spilosoma obliqua Walker, a destructive pest of crop, medicinal and ornamental plants. Fresh caster (Ricinus communis) leaves treated with a range of concentrations (1–10%) of the extracts were offered to 2nd instars for 120 h, followed by untreated leaves until pupation. Acetone extracts exerted better growth-regulatory properties than hexane extracts, shown by morphogenic malformation and adverse effects on the insect's larval duration, pupal duration, adult emergence and fecundity.


Corresponding author


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Growth-regulatory activity of Trichilia connaroides (syn. Heynea trijuga) leaf extracts against the Bihar hairy caterpillar Spilosoma obliqua (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

  • Shishir Tandon (a1), Ashutosh K. Mittal (a1) and A.K. Pant (a1)


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