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Wide-stopband bandpass-filtering power divider with high-frequency selectivity

  • Kaijun Song (a1), Yifang Zhou (a1), Maoyu Fan (a1), Yu Zhu (a1) and Yong Fan (a1)...


A wide-stopband bandpass-filtering power divider with high-frequency selectivity has been proposed in this paper. The input and output feeding lines and eight 1/4 wavelength resonators are used to realize the signal transmission. In order to obtain good frequency selectivity, source-load coupling transmission path is used to generate transmission zeros near the passband. A four-way power divider with bandpass-filtering response and high-frequency selectivity is designed, fabricated, and measured. The measured results agree with the simulated ones closely in the desirable frequency range. The measured center frequency of the power divider is 2.38 GHz with input return loss of 31.2 dB, while the measured insertion loss is about 1 dB (not including ideal 6 dB four-way power dividing insertion loss). Moreover, the measured 3-dB bandwidth is 12% and the measured stopband attenuation is >15 dB from 2.59 to 7.7 GHz. In addition, two transmission zeros of 1.9 and 2.8 GHz are located near the passband. The measured output isolations are all >15.7 dB.


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Wide-stopband bandpass-filtering power divider with high-frequency selectivity

  • Kaijun Song (a1), Yifang Zhou (a1), Maoyu Fan (a1), Yu Zhu (a1) and Yong Fan (a1)...


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