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Waveform diversity for SAR ECCM based on random phase and code rate transition

  • Kee-Woong Lee (a1) and Woo-Kyung Lee (a1)


In this paper, we propose an effective waveform diversity scheme that can be applicable to synthetic aperture radar (SAR) operations affected by interfering signals. A novel approach is taken to achieve fully adaptive SAR waveform diversity that generates sufficient number of orthogonal signals with modest performance trade-off. To this purpose, multiple phased-code waveforms are arbitrarily generated with mutually low cross-correlations. They exhibit a highly flexible characteristic as their code lengths are not limited and Doppler tolerance is well preserved throughout SAR imaging. Various SAR jamming simulations are carried out to demonstrate that the proposed waveform diversity has a good potential for electronic counter-countermeasures applications.


Corresponding author

Corresponding author: W.-K. Lee Email:


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