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UWB MIMO antenna with common radiator

  • Garima Srivastava (a1), B. K. Kanuijia (a1) and Rajeev Paulus (a2)


A compact printed 2 × 2 ultrawideband (UWB) multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna with a single circular patch as a common radiator for both the antenna elements is presented in this paper. A single circular patch is excited by two tapered CPW feeds for dual polarization. To improve the isolation between two ports, a rectangular slot of dimension L1 × W1 is created in the radiator. The UWB MIMO antenna has impedance bandwidth of 3–12 GHz with a isolation better than 17 dB between the two ports. The envelope correlation coefficient and the capacity loss are evaluated to ensure the good diversity performance of UWB MIMO antenna. The antenna has a compact size of 45 × 45 mm2 and is fabricated on low cost FR4 substrate and measured using Agilent VNA. The simulated and measured results show that the proposed UWB antenna is good candidate for UWB MIMO applications.


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UWB MIMO antenna with common radiator

  • Garima Srivastava (a1), B. K. Kanuijia (a1) and Rajeev Paulus (a2)


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