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Penta-band linear tapered feed planar spiral antenna for vehicular communications

  • Ramya (a1) and Thipparaju Rama Rao (a1) (a2)


Owing to dynamic nature of vehicular environments, it becomes essential to achieve effective communication via vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure-to-vehicle. This leads to the need for an antenna system that supports multiple frequency bands, high gain, broadside radiation pattern, and circular polarization. We propose single-arm penta-band-based spiral antenna with dimensions of 51 × 35 × 1.574 mm3 resonating at navigational wireless frequencies 1.2 GHz for IRNSS and 1.5 GHz for GPS; wireless communication frequencies 2.45 and 3.3 GHz and dedicated short range communication frequency 5.8 GHz. Linear taper feed has been introduced to achieve good impedance matching and the outer edge feed of the spiral on the same plane helps to achieve circular polarization. The measurement result proves the betterment in impedance of the spiral antenna that varies from 50 –55 Ω across the desired operating frequencies.


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Penta-band linear tapered feed planar spiral antenna for vehicular communications

  • Ramya (a1) and Thipparaju Rama Rao (a1) (a2)


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