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Conical dielectric resonator antenna with improved gain and bandwidth for X-band applications

  • Sounik Kiran Kumar Dash (a1), Taimoor Khan (a1) and Binod Kumar Kanaujia (a2)


In this paper, a simple conical-shaped dielectric resonator antenna operating in HEM11δ mode is presented for X-band wireless applications. A rectangular slot with a running microstrip line is used for excitation purpose. By placing a FR-4 based superstrate at 7 mm height from the ground FR-4 substrate and incorporating a set of modified ground plane on either side of the feed line, gain is improved by 42.85% and bandwidth by 68.92%, simultaneously. A prototype of designed antenna is fabricated and characterized. The measured results are found to be good in matching with the simulated ones.


Corresponding author

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Conical dielectric resonator antenna with improved gain and bandwidth for X-band applications

  • Sounik Kiran Kumar Dash (a1), Taimoor Khan (a1) and Binod Kumar Kanaujia (a2)


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