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A compact low-phase noise oscillator with superior harmonic suppression characteristics based on novel nested split-ring resonator (NSRR)

  • Yong Liu (a1), Neng Xie (a1), Xiaohong Tang (a1) and Fei Xiao (a1)


In this paper, a novel microwave oscillator incorporating miniaturized nested split-ring resonators is proposed. The high-quality (Q) factor and wide spurious-free band of the NSRR contribute to low-phase noise and high-harmonic suppression of the proposed oscillator circuits. In addition, the NSRR is featured by compact size of 0.12λg × 0.12λg, where λg is the guided wavelength of resonance frequency. The fabricated 2.4 GHz oscillator has an output power of 11.7 dBm with 5 V DC supply and 10 mA current consumption. The second harmonic suppression is −45.49 dBc, the phase noise is −110 dBc/Hz @100 kHz, and the DC–RF conversion efficiency is measured as 30%.


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A compact low-phase noise oscillator with superior harmonic suppression characteristics based on novel nested split-ring resonator (NSRR)

  • Yong Liu (a1), Neng Xie (a1), Xiaohong Tang (a1) and Fei Xiao (a1)


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