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Which Strategies Follow From the Surveillance of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria to Strengthen the Control of Their Spread? A French Experience

  • Didier Lepelletier (a1), Stéphanie Perron (a1), Hélène Huguenin (a1), Monique Picard (a1), Pascale Bemer (a1), Jocelyne Caillon (a1), Marie-Emmanuelle Juvin (a1) and Henri Bernard Drugeon (a1)...


Efforts to enhance standard precautions and to isolate patients with positive routine clinical cultures during 3 years were insufficient to decrease multidrug-resistant bacteria infection rates. Routine screening for carriage in high-risk patients may be necessary to hait transmission and control the hospital reservoir.


Corresponding author

Laboratoire de Bactériologie, Virologie, Hygiène Hospitalière, Hôpital Laënnec, CHU Nantes, France


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