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Survey of Tuberculin Skin Test Positivity Among Israeli Pediatric Hospital Workers

  • Yaron Finkelstein (a1), Henia Elenberg (a1), Gabriel Chodick (a1), Vered Hoffer (a1), Itamar Shalit (a1) and Ben-Zion Garty (a1)...


Tuberculin skin test (TST) was performed in 374 healthcare workers. TST results of induration of 10 mm or more and 20 mm or more were noted in 44.9% and 10.4%, respectively. Positive TST (> 10 mm) was found to be significantly associated with age, country of origin, and duration of employment.


Corresponding author

Department of Pediatrics B, Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel, Petah Tiqva 49202, Israel


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Survey of Tuberculin Skin Test Positivity Among Israeli Pediatric Hospital Workers

  • Yaron Finkelstein (a1), Henia Elenberg (a1), Gabriel Chodick (a1), Vered Hoffer (a1), Itamar Shalit (a1) and Ben-Zion Garty (a1)...


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